Back to normal

This week the schools started and everything seems to be normal again. Work, school, sports, planning and less time to crochet..

Days are shortening and slowly we are heading towards autumn. I love the summer and the holidays but I also love the darker days, the time we can make home more cosy. Candles, fire place and cuddle up under a crocheted blanket. I love it.

After finishing my Mozambique square blanket I felt I needed some new projects. Although I’ve many projects waiting to be finished and I’ve lots of yarn stored in my house I wanted to visit a shop near my house to buy some new yarn.

So last Saturday I went to the nice centre of Medemblik and paid a visit to the Haakvrouw (translation: Crochetlady).

I loved browsing around in the shop all by myself and selected a nice couple of skeins for 2 projects.

I bought these three nice colors (3 skeins each) for a pillowcase for our new couch. I’m started straight away and my pattern is based on Henry’s blanket (Littlemonkeycrochet).

  • I started with a change of 56+1 stitches
    • Round 1 – 56 sc, ch1 turn
    • Round 2-11 – 56 hhdc, ch1 turn
    • Change color
    • Round 12-21 – hdc in first stitch *skip 1 st – 1sc – 1 hdc* repeat from * * you have one stitch left, 1 sc, ch1 and turn
    • Change color
    • Repeat round 2-21
  • In the meantime I’ve made 6 stripes and run out of yarn, luckily the Haakvrouw also has a webshop so I ordered 3 other skeins to finish this project.
  • I also bought lots of yarn for another blanket. I was browsing through the Granny Flair Squares book from Spincushions and found another nice pattern: Zahra.
  • Testing the pattern

  • I’m planning to make a large blanket (appr. 145×170 cm) and I will use the Yarn and Colors Musthave. For this size blanket I’ll need to make 143 squares (11×13).
  • After testing I found out my squares will be 13×13 cm and I need 15 grams of yarn per square. So lots of yarn…
  • I selected 10 beautifull colors
  • 003-ecru | 005-clay |017-papaya | 042-peach | 043-pearl | 047-old pink
    063-ice blue | 069-petrol blue | 074-opaline glass | 092-pea green
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