Crocheted rug

A pretty long time ago, I visited a very nice yarnshop in my neighboorhood, which I didn’t even now it existed. In the meantime I often visit Haakmaaraanbijsas (which means something like hook up with Sas, which is the name of the owner).

Sas is also the wholesale point for Bobbiny yarn, which I love when I see projects made form this. Bobbiny is made from 100% recycled oeko-tex cotton and it very suitable for home decoration. In her shop she has a large variety of different colors and thicknes.

I love crocheted rugs and every time I see a nice one on Instagram I’m anxious to make one myself. I decided to go for the Bobbiny Junior in a graphite and aqua color. I wasn’t sure of any pattern to use and how large I wanted to make the rug, so I bought quiet some yarn 🙄

Back home I started the search for a nice pattern and came across a gorgeous one from Lillabjorncrochet. Pattern can be found on Ravelry: Andromeda Mandala rug.

I think it has turned out very well, although my hands are hurting each time I’ve crocheted with this yarn. It is hard work!

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