Projects of 2018

After almost a week of not touching a hook or yarn (I had the flu), I will start again today. For the first time this year 🙂

But what I also wanted to share in the last days of 2018, was an overview of what I’ve made in 2018. So with a little delay, here it is…

1. My colorful solid granny pillow

After making the rainbow zigzag blanket in 2017 with 100 (!) different colors, I had lots of stash in my basket. I decided to make a large pillow for this with solid granny’s.

2. Cool bag with Bobbiny cord yarn

I saw this nice bag on the instagram account of @dehaakfabriek and they offered the yarn together with the pattern, I couldn’t resist…

3. Bright striped blanket

As my son got a new room in the house, with a cool armchair, he also “needed” a cool blanket…

4. Granny squares stash blanket

I still had lots of stash left, and after buying the Granny Squares e-books from Spincushions I just needed to buy the denim (borders) yarn. I made 144 different squares for this blanket. Love the result!

5. Mozambique squares blanket

When working on the Granny squares stash blanket, I couldn’t help myself buying more colors, so I ended up with quiet some stash again… The result is the amazing Mozambique squares blanket.

6. Another pillow

Just a simple striped pillow

7. Zahra Squares blanket

I love the colors and the pattern of this beautiful, warm blanket (with fleece backing).

8. Animal friends of Picapau

So cute… love them all! Pedro von Dito Pig, Hugo Bat and Murray Sea otter.

9. Scheepjes Ubuntu cal

I had to join the Scheepjes 2018 cal.

10. Crocheted rug

Crocheted rug from Bobbiny junior yarn.

11. Stars for Christmas

These are all the finished projects, there are quiet some unfinished ones lying around here. I will do my best to finish them this year. I will make a blog post about them soon..

2 thoughts on “Projects of 2018

  1. Laurence M. says:

    hi marion
    great works!
    i love the christmas stars. are these leather medallions in the middle? you made them by yourself?
    i‘ll have to come and see you in your shop 😉
    see you soon, laurence


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