Projects, projects, more projects…

After a week of holiday in France, we are home again and I do have more crochet projects than ever. You probably recognize the feeling of seeing so many nice things to make while browsing Instagram of Facebook. Well at the moment I seem to be very eager to add more and more to my to do list..

And on top of that my daughter requested me to make a little something for a friend who just gave birth to a little boy. However this was a little thing, so I’ve finished that one yesterday. And I love the result!

My daugther found this adorable monster on Ravelry and I still and used my stash for it.

Since I do have lots of other projects lying around I need to figure out which one to finish first. Because I think I need to finish at least 2 or 3 projects before starting yet another one…

Last week when we were in France I started a pillow case using a nice pattern by designbybori, I just needed to bring a small project with me. (That is really a lousy excuse for starting something new 😇).

I still have the color pack from Scheepjes Catona, which was a christmas gift last year, so I thought this pattern might be great to use this lovely box for. During our holiday I’ve made 12 squares and I need 24 for the front of the pillowcase.

Our lovely house (for a week) in Champagne (France)

Today I will be making more squares. I’m still not sure what pattern I will use for the back of the pillow, I’m thinking of a simple pattern with little hearts.

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