Projects, projects, more projects…

After a week of holiday in France, we are home again and I do have more crochet projects than ever. You probably recognize the feeling of seeing so many nice things to make while browsing Instagram of Facebook. Well at the moment I seem to be very eager to add more and more to my … Continue reading Projects, projects, more projects…

My unfinished projects: project 7

Feeling a bit ashamed of having so much projects going on at the same time, but what can I say, I do have a crochet addiction... While working on so many things, I also do some testing for Shelly from Spincushions for her new book. I do love her patterns so much and I’m so … Continue reading My unfinished projects: project 7

My unfinished projects: project 2

Next unfinished project I would like to share is a squares blankes for my son. He carefully selected the colors himself and also picked a pattern from @Spincushions. It’s the Killarney pattern, so I will call this WIP the Killarney blanket. I’ve already finished 27 squares, still 27 to go, so half way. This blanket … Continue reading My unfinished projects: project 2

My Zahra squares blanket is almost finished

Almost finished just need to join the horizontal rows together... please see the progress below. Pattern: Zahra square from the Granny Square Flair Book @Spincushions Yarn: Yarn and Colors Musthave Colors: 003-ecru, 005-clay, 017-papaya, 042-peach, 043-pearl, 047-old pink, 080-eucalyptus, 069-petrol blue, 074-opaline glass, 092-pea green. Hooksize: 4 mm

Stash blanket granny squares – final update

Pattern: For this blanket I've made 144 squares using the e-books of Shelly from Spincushions. I really love her patterns! You can find the e-books here: Yarn: Yarn and colors Musthave Colors: all stash and Denim (nr 61) for the borders Hook size: 4 mm I've been publishing a couple of squares for my … Continue reading Stash blanket granny squares – final update